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I love that Deb gave me the dignity to mentally and emotionally process each item that I had trouble deciding what to do with. As a result my decisions have not been questioned or regretted. I appreciate that so much and feel stronger for having purged my home.

- Becky, Cincinnati,OH

I learned what worked best for me and got encouragement to start dealing with the mess. Deborah was very supportive.

~ Hope, Finnytown,OH

Deborah was there in my time of need. She was a joy to be around and had great compassion and understanding. She helped me decide what to keep and what needed to go and how to organize what we had left. I plan on using Deborah again when I have a project I cannot face handling alone.

~Joan,Forest Park,OH

Deborah was very efficient. She was a great help considering I had a large amount of stuff for a very small apartment. She wasn't put off by the number of boxes and bins. It was a great experience. I learned a lot from Deborah. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an organizer.

~ Sue, Dillsboro,IN. 

"Meeting Deborah has been life changing! She's helped me see I was wasting vertical space in my closet. One of the most important things I've learned from Deborah is that I'm a visual person. I have to see it! I've been fortunate to get Deborah's professional advice and opinions. Its made a difference in my home and Life"!

 ~ Kathy, Atlanta,GA

"My experience with Deborah was very pleasant and lifesaving! Because I have respiratory ailments and physical limitations she took charge and did all of the physical work. She is exactly what I needed. her professionalism was quite impressive. She is a jewel"!

~ Kathi, Mason,OH

"Great experience and I will continue working with her. Very professional. knowledgable, and very easy and pleasant to work with"

~ Robyn,Wyoming,OH

" Deborah is there to get the job done without being over- powering. She guides you through moving forward on what needs to be accomplished, and a lot can be accomplished in a short period of time".

- Karen, Cincinnati,OH

"It was such a blessing in my life to have worked with Deborah and Joanne.  Overwhelmed with a smaller size apartment with little space to put things, I opted to keep things in boxes.  The nightmare continued to grow until Deborah and Joanne came in to my house and helped make it a home!  My kitchen and office were transformed in 2 days. I no longer dread walking into either room, finding things is so easy and the appearance is an added bonus! Thank you for your expertise and amazing talent!"

- Jen,Forest Park, OH