Client Testimonials

Very Professional company.  Deborah is very gifted and will lead you through what can sometimes be a very painful process.  Beside you all the way and more than willing to do the tough stuff.  Highly recommend this company.
Catherine D.,Loveland,OH

Deborah helped my mom organize a big move to an apartment.  Deborah took an overwhelming situation and made it manageable by focusing in on key areas that needed to be organized quickly. That included the kitchen, laundry, bathrooms and pantry.  Deborah is patient, empathetic, efficient and very responsive to questions.  She had a lot of creative storage ideas and great suggestions when purchasing storage items.  The apartment is not only looking great but is now really functional.  We highly recommend her company.
Mary O., Cincinnati,OH

I love that Deb gave me the dignity to mentally and emotionally process each item that I had trouble deciding what to do with. As a result my decisions have not been questioned or regretted. I appreciate that so much and feel stronger for having purged my home. 
 Becky, Cincinnati,OH

I learned what worked best for me and got encouragement to start dealing with the mess. Deborah was very supportive. 
Hope, Finnytown,OH

​Deborah was there in my time of need. She was a joy to be around and had great compassion and understanding. She helped me decide what to keep and what needed to go and how to organize what we had left. I plan on using Deborah again when I have a project I cannot face handling alone. 
Joan,Forest Park,OH

​Deborah was very efficient. She was a great help considering I had a large amount of stuff for a very small apartment. She wasn't put off by the number of boxes and bins. It was a great experience. I learned a lot from Deborah. I would recommend her to anyone looking for an organizer.
Sue, Dillsboro,IN

"Meeting Deborah has been life changing! She's helped me see I was wasting vertical space in my closet. One of the most important things I've learned from Deborah is that I'm a visual person. I have to see it! I've been fortunate to get Deborah's professional advice and opinions. Its made a difference in my home and Life"! 
  Kathy, Atlanta,GA

"My experience with Deborah was very pleasant and lifesaving! Because I have respiratory ailments and physical limitations she took charge and did all of the physical work. She is exactly what I needed. her professionalism was quite impressive. She is a jewel"!
 Kathi, Mason,OH

"Great experience and I will continue working with her. Very professional. knowledgable, and very easy and pleasant to work with"

" Deborah is there to get the job done without being over- powering. She guides you through moving forward on what needs to be accomplished, and a lot can be accomplished in a short period of time".
Karen, Cincinnati,OH

"It was such a blessing in my life to have worked with Deborah and Joanne.  Overwhelmed with a smaller size apartment with little space to put things, I opted to keep things in boxes.  The nightmare continued to grow until Deborah and Joanne came in to my house and helped make it a home!  My kitchen and office were transformed in 2 days. I no longer dread walking into either room, finding things is so easy and the appearance is an added bonus! Thank you for your expertise and amazing talent!"
Jen,Forest Park, OH.