Complimentary Visual Survey &  Needs Assessment


It is our mission to provide fair and affordable organizing services to our community and bring value to those we serve. We make the process simple, affordable and easy for you!

Service Fee are as follows:


​(Best for smaller projects)

$50 per hr. @

$150 half day/ 3 hrs

​$300 full day/ 6 hrs

Prepaid Monthly Plans:

(Best for ongoing projects, or larger projects)

6 hrs @ $300  Bi-Weekly Plan

12 hrs @ $600  Weekly Plan

20 hrs @ $1000  Twice a week, or full day plan.

Consultation Only:


This service is provided for those who like to organize but would prefer another's perspective on how to organize. Some people get stuck and need an extra push!

Client can choose the hours per day and whether they prefer weekly,biweekly or monthly sessions. This will be determined during the 'needs assessment' to insure our Organizer has enough time in between daily sessions. 

If the home is over 3000 sq. ft. there will be an increase of cost to $60.00 per hour.

Service Requirements:

- There is a required 3 hour minimum per session. 

- Materials are clients responsibility. We'll make recommendations as needed. We do our best to re-purpose materials client has onsite before making any product recommendations.

​- If you're a "no show" or unable to keep your scheduled appointment, please notify us within a 48 hr period. By failing to notify us will result in charges and will be invoiced for the scheduled 3 hour minimum. Exceptions will be made for emergencies and special circumstances only.We know our clientele and what their life situations.

- Supplies needed for each session. Garbage bags and boxes for donations. We bring our organizing bag with some supplies.

 [ Cost determine during our on-site assessment phase. ]

Average Times:

Times on any project will vary per household. There are several determining factors that will be discussed during the assessment phase, per your situation.
Fees/Travel Cost:
 If you live 30+ miles outside the Fairfield,OH city limits there will be a travel free of $25.00 per visit. It’s our goal to provide affordable organizing services to our community and surrounding areas.



CLIENT NEEDS COME FIRST: We place people needs first. We don't keep clients for whom we cannot do a great job for. We will humbly refer you to another organizer.

WE SHARE THE COMMUNITY: We will share resources we feel our clients may benefit from and put you in contact with people in our community for mutual benefit.

ORGANIZING, NOT THERAPY: We work with those who can use us well. We are not mental health professionals. If we feel our client would be served best to involve a therapist it will be recommended. We prefer anyone who struggles with hoarding, or OCD tendencies to already be consulting with a mental health professional before we begin our working relationship.

WE ARE COMPLETELY CONFIDENTIAL: We do not discuss, nor talk about our clients to anyone. We protect everything our clients share with us. 

WE ARE AVAILABLE: We recognize the importance of the relationship we have with our clients and strive to be available so we can fully assist our clients.

​WE PROTECT RELATIONSHIPS: We do not interfere with other professional relationships the client has.

​​Payment is required after each session. There are no refunds. If you are not satisfied with the final results we will be happy to fix the issue at no further charge to you within a 30 day period.