Board Certified Professional Organizer

            &  Organizing Consultant

Residential Organizing
♦ Home-base Business Organizing
♦ Time Management
♦ Paper Retention
♦ Space Management
♦ Assists the Disabled
♦ Women with ADD/ADHD 
♦ Works with Children
♦ Accountability Partner
♦ Clutter Control

♦ We Recycle and donate items.

                                                                                                                                                                         Deborah Ginn started Nowhere But Up Organizing in 2003 in her home state of Michigan. She was determined, her and her children, would not live off the system after becoming a single parent through a divorce in 2002. She started using her knowledge as a former relocation specialist of 15 years relocating families across the US. She worked three jobs while building the foundation of her business. In 2011 after entering the Empty Nester stage she sold all her personal belongings, packed up her van and moved to Cincinnati,OH. to start over. She now resides in the city of Fairfield,OH with her new Husband, John. They have 8 children together.  

Deborah has a passion in helping individuals who have been thrown off course by unexpected life events, and just life in general. She uses her own experiences and knowledge to help guide her clients.  She is compassionate and loves what she does. It challenges and keeps her humble. Life is about serving those around you.