Deborah L. Ginn, Organizing Expert

CEO & Founder of Nowhere But Up,Organizing

Deborah started the company in 2003 with the goal of helping others manage themselves and homes. Prior to organizing,Deborah was a relocation specialist partnering with moving companies. She has relocated hundreds of families nationwide. 

The last thirteen years Deborah has raised her three children into adulthood. She understands what it takes to raise children and the struggles one goes through in managing a household. She's uses her life experience as a Mom and business owner to assist clients in living the simpler life.She can help one downsize long before coming a empty nester.

Today, Deborah specializes in helping those in need of order, individual coaching and working to improve the lives of families and individuals. Her other specialities consist of working with the disabled and those living with ADD. 

In 2007, Deborah received her formal training through the National Association of Professional Organizer and Institute of Chronic Disorganization.

Deborah's organizing philosophy starts with the individual and is more focused based on personal growth,rather then stuff, or the size of a container. She guides you through moving forward, rather then looking back.She's very easy to work with, non-judgmental and supportive.

Her focus is on improving her clientele's life, rather then the condition of the home upon her arrival. She believes a home should be lived in and not a showcase. She assists her clientele in creating systems & procedures, that will function for them, their family and life style. She's intentional and personable and encourages teamwork between herself and client.


Deborah's Personal Mission Statement: 

To model my life after Christ, showing compassion to those I engage with. Approach life with a positive attitude. To be grateful for those around and the opportunities I’m given to make an impact. Live each day to the fullest, with the highest of intentions.

What motivates me? We’re given one chance to have an impact on those around us. We can choose a positive or negative attitude. I’ve chosen to take the negative,from my past, and create a positive energy in this world. Take those lemons and make lemonade. Forgive and live life to the fullest!

Three Things I Want for My Clients:

1) To live in a physical space that is pleasing and energizing.

2) To feel they're living a happier and more meaningful life.

3) To live the BEST life possible.

                                     "I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me"  Philippians 3:14